Q: Is starting new game necessary after installing Absolute Nature 3?

A: For the full version, yes, it is. If you use 'lite' version it's not.


Q: Why, isn't it just a texture pack?

A: Not anymore. The level gemometry has been altered with hi-poly tree models and hi-res foliage and ground textures. More of this due to new addred trees/bushes the AI map and spawn files has been changed. That's why the new game is required.


Q: What patch is it compatible with?

A: It was created and tested on 1.6.02 but it should work on earlier versions.


Q: Is it compatible with AtmosFear 3?

A: Yes.


Q: Is it compatible with Complete CoP?

A: I have no idea but what's the point merging it with Complete? Complete is based on earlier versions of AtmosFear and Absolute


Q: Is it compatible with other mods?

A: It is if those other mods don't change all.spawn file. If so, merging of all.spawn is required.

However, 'lite' version is compatible with all the mods as it doesn't change AI map. Unless of course those mods don't change geometry


Q: What are the system requirements to run this mod?

A: This mod requires strong GPU and a lot of RAM (at least 3GB). Installing this mod can cause memory problems on 32bit systems or systems with less than 3GB RAM. If you experience heavy framedrop or CTDs try to lower settings as texture quality, draw distance and object quality in advanced graphics settings and/or resolution in basic settings.


Q: Is there any performance hit after installing?

A: Yes it is. The overall amount of polygons that the levels are built from doubled due to hi-poly tree replacements and denser vegetation. Because of that the average framerate dropped for about 30%.


Q: Game crashes after installing this mod

A: On 32-bit systems or with less than 2GB of RAM 'Out of memory' problems could occur. There is no option to choose the texture resolution during the installation anymore. If CTD happens due to low memory try to lower the texture quality in options.

Other cause can be incompatibility with other mods.